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18th Anniversary Ceremonial Bintang Supermarket

18th Anniversary Ceremonial Bintang Supermarket

After a series of events which was held to greet 13th anniversary BintangSupermarket, finally arrived at the summit celebration, 09-06-2014. On this day all the employees, management, and the board of directors gathered to rejoice together.

This event begins with an opening dance offerings presented by the employee, and then followed by a speech by the director Bintangsupermarket represented by Mr. Rizky Darmawan Susanto.

The event was followed by blowing out the candles and cut the cake to mark the Bintang Supermarket has aged 18 years. Then proceed to eat food that has been provided and filled with entertainment events such as dances and karaoke.

Finally arrived at the closing event, this session is the most eagerly awaited by the employees, where each employee is entitled to the lucky draw, with various prizes with the grand prize of a motorcycle.

At the end of the event the employees, management and board of directors shake hands to say thanks and congratulations to the Bintang Supermarket still victorious over 18 years.


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