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Bali Is Still Safe for Tourism

09 October 2017 , on News

Meet the Consulate General of Foreign Countries, Pastika Ensure Bali Safe Visited

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika gave a direct explanation to all the Consul General of foreign countries in Bali related to the status of Gunung Agung and what the government has done to the condition in the Meeting Room of Praja Sabha, Bali Governor's Office, Wednesday (4/10).

Pastika said that foreign citizens or tourist who will visit Bali need not worry about the activities of Mount Agung. There are several reasons underlying this, first if Mount Agung erupts only 28 villages around Gunung Agung that will be affected and currently 28 villages in Karangasem regency have been vacated. The government, he said, had secured a radius of 12 km from the summit of Mount Agung. "Even those in the Candidasa area do not have to worry because it is in a safe area," he said. So for tourists who are outside the 28 villages, especially in Nusa Dua or Kuta will certainly be safe.

He added that currently the shallow volcanic activity of Gunung Agung is declining and is expected to continue to decline and not erupt. It continues to receive updates from volcanologists who monitor the condition of Mount Agung. In the event of an eruption, the government already has a Disaster Management Agency ready to face various possibilities.

Former Bali Police Chief said the government has prepared a contigency plan if for example Ngurah Rai Airport is closed. He said the government will facilitate and accommodate travelers who will return to the nearest airports such as airports in Surabaya or Lombok.

Governor Pastika reiterated that all information related to Mount Agung refers to an authorized official source. He said a lot of information that is not true about Mount Agung on the internet. He also asked that foreign countries not to worry about the condition of Bali. "If anyone has issued a travel warning, I hope it should be revoked immediately," he said.

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